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IBM makes smartphones pulled away in plastic medical use

There is a serious problem with regard to the processing of waste electronics, also known as e-waste, will annually generate tons of garbage that hardly are recycled by the own companies that manufacture it.

Some companies like Apple have sustained reuse programs that seek to use components and elements that can represent a saving in costs of inputs, but mostly everything ends up as a toxic waste that will take centuries to break down.

Fortunately, the people of IBM has created a new method of treatment for non-metallic bodies of old, composed of polycarbonate smartphones; a common material in other electronic items such as flat screens and disc players.

By adding to waste from a fluoride reagent, a base similar to the yeast in the heat and dust, researchers at IBM produced this new plastic that is still harder than the polycarbonate in terms of temperature and chemical resistance.

In fact, this new plastic would be safe enough to use in the development of medical equipment, water-purification treatment plants and up to wiring of fiber optic.

The company has not provided many details about the exact process of formation of this plastic, beyond published in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

But their variety of uses is really impressive and a good future for the environment.

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