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IBM Summit, the next most powerful supercomputer in the world

IBM Summit

Many are countries that are very strong on the computation of highest level, thanks to this we live in times in which, for example China, only ten years ago she did not have any type of supercomputer and today we can talk about having the two most powerful at your complete disposal, something that, due both to technological interest to the feeling that there is a country ahead of the United States that have in North America It has led IBM to announce what they have dubbed Project Summit.

Before continuing, let know you that the IBM Summit will not be available until at least 2018, a supercomputer that has either started will be expected as the supercomputer more powerful in the world thanks to its 200 petaFLOPS, catalogued a measure that is almost able to bend the process maximum capacity of the Chinese TaihuLight , currently rated as the best in the world thanks to its 125.4 petaFLOPS.

As detail before continuing, let know you that a FLOP is the term used to define floating-point operations per second, operations that in turn are used to perform calculations. When we speak of a petaFLOP we must bear in mind that we do over a measure that translated it would be 1,000,000,000,000,000 operations of floating-point per second. To give you an idea of what IBM suggests, let know you that if the capabilities of the TaihuLight are simply amazing, the second most powerful supercomputer in the world, the Tianhe-2, also Chinese, reaches the 54.9 petaFLOPS while that in third place we find the Cray Titan American whose capacity is 27.1 petaFLOPS.

Displaying what Chinese supercomputers are able to secure that you will understand the huge hit on the table that has given the Eastern country with the creation of the TaihiLight that is literally capable of doubling the power of its predecessor while that, in terms of hardware and contrary to practically all computers from the list, this uses fully Chinese manufacturing technology , specifically processors Sunway of 260 nuclei.

Volivendo to the IBM Summit, as he has transcended, we talk about the first supercomputer that will use the new IBM Power 9 and NVIDIA GPUs Volta processors. To define this a bit better, let know you that we are talking about a computer consisting of 3,400 nodes, each of which will feature a CPU, a GPU, 512 GB memory HDR + DDR4 and 800 GB of RAM upgrade.

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