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IDC: the half of the users of the Galaxy Note 7 is passed to the iPhone 7

For no one is a secret that Samsung has been severely affected because of the fiasco that Galaxy Note 7 was an image and reputation. So IDC has been given to the task of carrying out a study to find him a most successful response to this involvement of the Korean company.

For the study, IDC surveyed online 1,082 consumers in the United States, during the 17 and 18 October – just 4 days after that Samsung announced that it would halt production of the Galaxy Note 7 –. Among the respondents had 507 a Samsung smartphone owners, 347 made of a business phone and 228 who have never used a mobile phone for the Korean company. In this limited universe of people, only is found to 24 users of the Note 7.

Based on those numbers, it would be worthwhile to deepen the theme with a study that involves more people. But with what we have found that:

  • The half of those 24 users are have sloughed or are moving to the iPhone from Apple.
  • The 17% of of those users will choose another phone of Samsung.

In a note that well could mark is as positive, is found that them Galaxy Note 7 not have affected the perception that is has of Samsung in terms General, to the not influence-in theory-, them decision-making of buys to future of them surveyed. Ramon T. Llamas, Wearables and Mobile Phones Research Manager, commented:

Despite how complicated it has been called for Samsung to collect the 7 Note, the information in the survey indicates that the majority of consumers do not have been affected by this, which should be good news for Samsung.

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