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IFT Mexico clears 600 MHz band to prepare network 5G

The Institute Federal of telecommunications (IFT) is has maintained very active in the closing of this 2016. At the same time that launched the consultation platform “Informed Me” has implemented a series of regulations that leaves the ground prepared for future installation of 5G in Mexico network.

In accordance with a connected official of the Agency, is have started them workings corresponding for clear the band of 600 MHz, which will be destined for the implementation of it Band 5 G by them operators mobile in a term still not specified.

Previously, this spectrum had been granted to various channels of broadcast television, to help them comply with the leap from broadcasting a digital signal after the analogue switch.

(C) RCR Wireless(C) RCR Wireless

Now, in its most recent resolution, IFT has instructed the company Televimex, a subsidiary of Televisa, to change his band in the States of Chihuahua, Sonora and Coahuila, among others, to clear the optimal for mobile services spectrum 5G.

It’s a mass movement, since, as it considers the entity, about 260 stations, spread over various parts of the country, must move below the 37 channel to clear space for the band.

The tender by the spectrum 5 G would begin its process in the second half of the year 2018, but not there is a dear of when would be the date in which them users could enjoy of this speed.

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