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IFT Mexico denied Nokia’s use of 700 MHz band

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) continues its activities of clearing spectrum, in order to prepare everything for the tender of the available bandwidth to deploy network 5G in Mexico. However, this movement has come to cause a shock against the guys from Nokia, which saw a request denied by interfering with these plans.

In accordance with a resolution recently published by IFT, last September 8, 2016, the legal representative of Nokia in Mexico had requested IFT Award for the use of a portion of the 700 MHz band, in order to “calibrate their propagation model for the 700 MHz frequency band”.


These measurements would be for a period of half a year in different kinds of areas, including several locations in urban, rural, and even mountainous, so it was necessary to deal with 40 MHz this spectrum. Request that the IFT refused, in its final report:

Refuses to Nokia Solutions and Networks, S.A. de C.V., the granting of a concession to use and take advantage of frequency bands of the radio spectrum for private use, purposes of verification of technical and economic feasibility of technologies in development in the 700 MHz band.

According to a report in the newspaper El Universal, including the Secretariat of communications and transport (SCT), he would have intervened as an entity “external” IFT, but involved in the processes of bidding for that band, to determine that the project was no longer viable due to regulation and release of the space agenda.

Still don’t know what measures will take Nokia for not scrapping its tests.

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