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IFT Mexico ratified Telcel and other prevailing

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) has had intense years focused on the regulation of mobile telephone companies, but during 2016 left a little aside these tasks to focus on other areas of your bouquet. Now, everything points to this 2017 will deal with mobile operators, and Telcel could again be one of the main identified.

The IFT just of present its Plan Annual of work (PAT) 2017, in where has referred perform reports quarterly on the compliance regulatory of them agents economic prevailing in them sectors of telecommunications and broadcasting, an improves consistent in comparison with them reports semi-annual established for 2016, according to designates the connected:

There will be quarterly reports of compliance measures and the asymmetric regulation imposed on the dominant operator in the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors.

Three years ago America Movil (Telcel) was ruled as a preponderant economic agent, with a market share of 66.9% in Mexico, which grew to 68% by the year 2015, in a scenario where the opinion seemed to have no greater significance and impact on the practices of the company, although that has now changed.

The regulations imposed by the IFT and the entry of virtual mobile operators (MVNO) has fostered a market of greater competition, where mobile rates declined substantially last year, at the same time that America Movi decreased their participation to 62.2%.

It will be important that IFT reports include the level of advancement in the imposed regulations with parameters cuantitivos, and to generate effective measures to enforce them.

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