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In Mexico prepaid users spend more on their smartphones

Is a classic and recurrent dilemma for any user of mobile phone in Mexico: would should be more hire a postpaid plan or remain in the basic form of prepayment? to clarify this area has just published a statistic that provides some direction on this dilemma.

According to figures from The Competitive Intelligence Unit (The CIU), in a form of prepaid users, where the friend of Telcel is the most popular, actually end up investing more money in the purchase of their smartphones, this is due to the costs that would have the devices, which would be less accessible without the support and facilities that the operator offers its postpaid subscribers.

Mexican users would spend on average USD $2.889 by their teams, but actually under a dynamic of prepaid users would pay up to 42.4% more on their smartphones to those users with an income plan. So your investment is would raise to them MXN $3.038, while those users low plan only spent MXN $1,751.

This gap is should in good measure to them subsidies and plans of payment that the own operators offer, where used such terminals as a via contractual to establish them deadlines forced of permanence of their subscribers.

A element curious equal is that this distribution speaks clearly of that them users of postpaid prefer mostly accept the team that is gives to the contract the plan or provide a small extra to improve the range of your phone.

Although those who pay for a high-end smartphone are the least.

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