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In Mexico there are 89.9 million smartphones with apps for messaging

Mexico is one of the most enthusiastic in the use of their smart phones. Both grade and such that it is becoming a health problem. Why not miss the new figures, which reveal that virtually everything the country has a smartphone.

In a nation that has little more than 127 million inhabitants, the people of The Competitive Intelligence Unit (The CIU), it is estimated that today there are assets in the market 90.7 million smartphones, which would result in 80.6% of the mobile market.

But the most interesting point in what is the most common application in each of those devices class. Since The CIU says that in Mexico the 99% of smartphones in the country has at least one instant messaging application.

In such a way that the firm calculates that in Mexico there are about 89.9 million smartphones with WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or some similar application, to keep users beyond SMS platform releases.

Observing this scenario because it sounds plausible that another statistic claiming that 59% of Mexicans was not willing to spend a full day away from your smartphone.

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