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Increase them reports by breakage of the glass of the camera of the LG V20

Foto: Android Authority

Photo: Android Authority

Each time there are more reports reported by LG of users that have one of them new models of LG, the LG V20 that are reporting the break of the glass that protects the sensor of the camera back. Sometimes not are all aware of the importance of this part of the device since always look that the screen is protected with a good glass, but the camera is another of them points important in them devices mobile current and in occasions not are all aware of it important that is for the smarphone.

In the back is where most are focusing current devices because it is assumed that the greatest progress are mostly in the camera, what makes the rear important aesthetic changes leaving the camera too exposed and forcing manufacturers to take a little more care components covering them, in this case the V20 LG Crystal is suffering too many breaks.

Many manufacturers knowing firsthand what can happen with these protective lenses so exposed to shocks or scratches, are decided by riding a glass Corning Gorilla Glass or Sapphire and thus mitigate the problems. But sometimes this doesn’t work and we can see how several users suffer this kind of breaks in the glass leaving practically pro complete useless camera.

Several users of Reddit warn of these problems and others seeing what had happened reported that it would be good to let the protective sheet that comes at the device covering the glass of the back camera. This obviously do not believe to be of great help to a hit, but it is obvious that if we carry this device without cover in the rear are more exposed to something to make it happen ourselves. LG meanwhile has not made a release anything officially, but if this is happening it is possible that they have to act.

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