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India opens the solar plant with greater capacity in the world

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India is one of those countries that is betting by the energies renewable, thanks to this today same just of inaugurate some new facilities photovoltaic in Kumathi, city that is located within the State Tamil Nadu, just to the South of the country. As he has been informed, facilities were completed on 21 September although it has not been up to these days when they have entered into operation.

Among them features more interesting of Kamuthi Solar Power Project highlight that will have a capacity of 648 MW in a surface of 10 kilometers square, sufficient to convert it in the plant solar with greater capacity of the world located in an only place. According to the authorities, this project has been built in just 8 months, long enough to install solar modules 2.5 million spending budget of $ 679 million.

Thanks to the facilities of Kamuthi, India is positioned as the third largest market solar of the world.

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If we put all these data in perspective, we find that these facilities now have capacity to provide power to about 150,000 homes in the area. As detail, let know you that this project is only a point within an aggressive plan where it is seeking to get feed by means of renewable energy to 60 million households by the year 2022.

A point to note, something that looks like new since to date no such installation has announced to make use of this type of technology, we find in it to work maintenance such as cleaning of panels, rests entirely on the use of a powered robotic system , in turn, by their own solar panels.

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