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Infinity: One, a fantastic computer for children


It is more than a computer, it is more than a tablet. The Infinity: One, a project that was born in Australia, is the complement perfect so your children can remove the maximum party to it education using the new technologies. This device is not only functional and childproof, but is also quite cheap. On the other hand, the Infinity: One is a two in one, a Tablet convertible in PC, with all the features that we can imagine, designed by and for them more small. We tell you what are the possibilities for Infinity: One, the 2 in 1 for children.

The device created by One Laptop Per Child, an incisive Australian, from the hand of One Education. This project began last year. The device has a 10-inch screen and is carried out after the usual system of crowfunding. Your possibility of extension and its modular technology are what fame have led it to today, a device that has endless possibilities.

In first place, the screen is touch, so them children can interact of the best mode, but is possible attach it to your keyboard with TouchPad and connection USB, what them will allow edit documents and learn types of the best way, in a PC, its center of leisure and learning. As it could not be otherwise, running Sugar OS, a modified version of Linux designed for the little ones. On the other hand, it is possible to also make it work with Windows 10 both as with any Android compatible version. The processor is an Intel Atom Quad-Core to 1, 9GHz of clock, accompanied of 2 GB of memory RAM and 64 GB of storage SSD, in principle sufficient for them work domestic. The price of the laptop is $ 230 and we will soon begin to show on the European market.

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