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Inside little are going to be able to use them Oculus Rift with the Xbox One

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A week ago we inform you of the new requirements for enjoying glasses of virtual reality of Oculus in the PC, requirements that had been reduced considerably because the benefits of them were more modest, to thus expand the number of users interested in enjoy virtual reality without also having to also invest in a powerful team. The latest news related to the Oculus Rift reports that we are going to make use of these glasses of virtual reality with the Xbox One, although in a limited way obviously.


This is a story of great for all lovers of the Xbox although its operation will be limited as it is logical because of the capabilities of the console. The Oculus Rift may be used with the Xbox but we won’t be able to enjoy scenarios in 360 degrees, but that only will be as if we played with a gigantic screen. What we don’t know yet is how they will do it to treat the feeling of immersion is more or less similar to that offer us these glasses connected to a PC.

To make use of the Oculus Rift in the Xbox we will have to download an application, application that will make the games streaming instead of downloading them in the Microsoft console. Currently the price of the Oculus Rift is 699 euros, 100 euros cheaper than the live HTC, although the HTC model offers best performance as well as allowing to run games from the Facebook platform.

Everything seems to indicate that the sensation that will offer us the Oculus Rift connected to the Xbox will be similar to that we can currently get with glasses that Sony recently launched and that are compatible only with the PS4, although a few weeks ago it was rumored that they may also be compatible with c.

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