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Instagram will allow multiple photographs rise

Facebook boys stepped the throttle a few months ago and all applications and platforms are continually receiving important news, of the 99.9% are copied to the competition. But leaving aside the little originality of Mark Zuckerberg platform engineers, today we talk about Instagram, a platform that soon will begin to show ads of video stories, as I reported a few weeks ago. But it is not the only change, since the social network of photographs is working in order to allow users to make multiple uploads of photographs.

Honestly, I think that will end with the essence of Instagram, where people will begin to upload images as churros without order or concert. This feature, if it might finally be fulfilled, it would be as if Twitter remove the limit of 14 characters. At the moment, according to HDBlogit, Instagram is testing this feature with a very limited number of users. According to the blog, joint images rise would continue allowing us to process the images individually, as we can do it now, the only thing we get with this option would be to reduce the multiple pictures upload process.

As I said, at the moment is function is limited to a small number of people and according to the feedback to provide, the number of users with option to test this function could be expanded. Of time, and after having copied virtually all the functions and options of Snapchat, Instagram has become an alternative to take into account and which according to the latest figures has managed to overcome this company, company that is not going through their best moments. Currently, the CEO of Snapchat will be according different offers made to him by Mark Zuckerberg to buy Snapchat, offers that it rejected over and over again and that they not sat very well to the Chief Officer of Facebook, it seems now they are avenging.

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