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Instagram will notify if you do a screenshot

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Apparently, or at least so statistics, Instagram thanks to the deployment of the new features coming practically every week or every few weeks to the application, reveal what it is getting not only retain its users, but to attract a new audience and follow with your, day, unstoppable growth. Today I want to talk to you about the new functionality that developers are creating, same as sure it will like to some and very little to others.

As you know and as well has been published on Instagram they are about to get the notifications in the talks in such a way that, when you are having a private conversation with another user and send a photo or video as a private message, these files are temporary. Is in that moment when more than one user performs a capture of screen with, almost always, some reason of dubious ethics. This is what want to avoid in Instagram and, to the make this capture of screen, the author of the photo, video or comment will be notified and with this surely you take a good ‘pull‘ of ears.

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The user with whom you have a temporary private conversation will be notified if you do a screenshot.

It must be clear that Instagram not will notify you if any user makes a screenshot of your public photos, profile… but you will only receive notification if this screenshot is in a temporary private conversation. No doubt a functionality that surely more than one user acknowledge that, if we take the decision that our private conversation is temporary is because we want then erased and it makes no sense that photographs of the chat when, by mutual agreement, has accepted this form of communication can be.

More information: Mashable

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