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Instagram will recommend you channels of videos according to your tastes

Instagram to add functions to your application to make happy users. Just yesterday announced the translation of texts in the profiles and publications within the app and is now preparing a renewal in their search section (via The Verge).

The application wants to recommend to the users personalized content but aside from photos, so as they explore it in the search section from this time forward you will only see videos.

However, the videos will not be random and without anything to do, they will be grouped into “channels” according to the topic covering. For example, see channels such as “comedians”, “decorating”, “skateboards”, etc. It will start with around 20 channels and over time will be adding more.


Surely the filter for custom channels will work with the registry like and tags that you have entered in the application, but the company still did not mention it.

Instagram team, in the last six months the amount of time people spend watching videos has increased 150%, so no wonder who want to leave behind the photos to give prominence to the largest social networking trend.

By the time the function is only available in the United States but they are already working to launch it worldwide very soon.

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