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Instapaper Premium becomes free

They live days of paranoia in the network following the announcement of the future death of Vine. Once handed down the sentence, many began to wonder what would be the next platform to disappear.

One of the candidates obvious, by its off popularity to latest dates was Instapaper, but there is good news, not only will continue to live, but is has returned absolutely free.

According to a publication in the official Instapaper blog, starting from the first of November all the Premium services of its platform have become free.

As a result all users now are entitled to those functions that remained restricted to the exclusive use of those willing to pay the Premium rate, now anyone can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Full text for all items search
  • Unlimited notes
  • Unlimited speed reading
  • Playlists from text to speech
  • “Send to Kindle” function through bookmarklet and other mobile applications
  • Kindle Digest of up to 50 items
  • An Instapaper website without commercials

Those users that have paid by them functions premium will receive the return of their money, but only by the amount remaining to the period contracted originally.

This movement would likely correspond to the acquisition by Pinterest makes some months. And insurance will be won the sympathy of many.

Do any of our readers use Instapaper? What is your opinion of the news?

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