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Intel lowers prices of virtually all its processors


Some days ago we already talked about how well or poorly could sit you at Intel the fact that not only AMD had presented a series of new processors able to be at the height of the most powerful units, today the company has on the market, but that to make matters worse, prices that AMD planned to launch them exposed them in a very striking way.

We have not had to wait too long to get to know the reaction have had on Intel because the company has just announced important discounts in almost all of its catalog of processors. The tactic seems to be to try by all means that all customers, both domestic and professional, continue trusting the brand but, knowing how the market is, markdowns may not be enough for many of these clients.

Intel reduces considerably the price of all your i3, i5 and i7 processors before the arrival of the AMD Ryzen.

As detail, let know you that the models do not have all the same sales although it is true that in some particular these may be up to 300 dollars, of course, talk about units more expensive, same which today are only accessible by clients who used them to a market much more professional and dedicated.

As a negative part of this whole affair, noted that it is not known if these sales will reach all markets around the world where works Intel are only for United States or if they will be temporary or be maintained, the truth is that they are already active, something that makes it clear that Intel they feel the pressure of a job well done on this occasion by AMD It will launch its new Ryzen physically the next day on March 2.

Finally, comentarte that just below I leave you a link where you can see the prices to those who today sold Intel processors from the main distributors with the rebate included. Especially notable for example that, despite this, the Intel Core i7 – 6900 K have a price of 999 dollars while AMD’s main rivals, the Ryzen 7 1700 X will come to the market at just $ 389. Understandably, talk of the higher ranges already in the area low and more common in our personal computers, for example the Intel Core i7 – 7700 k stands at 299 dollars while that its direct competitor, AMD Ryzen 5 1600 x will depart from 259 dollars.

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