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Internet Explorer will no longer be available on Windows 10 Creators Update

During the first years in which Internet became popular, the browsers available could count on the fingers of one hand. It was then when Microsoft launched Internet Explorer, a browser that was made with virtually all the browsers market. Part of its success was due to that was of the few available options and was integrated into all versions of Windows. The other option available was Netscape release, a browser that, after several problems, was compared by Mozilla, then launches Firefox, but it is a long story that we’ll tell you in another article.

Since 1995, the browser has evolved over the years trying to adopt all the innovations that came to the market of the web programming. But the arrival of the competition, on of Chrome, and the carelessness of Microsoft from their browser, have got that Internet Explore has gone losing share of market years after year. To try to lift its head in the browser market, Microsoft removed the sleeve Edge Microsoft, the browser that the guys from Redmond wanted to stand up to the all powerful Chrome.

But despite launching a new browser, dear Internet Explorer, is still available in Windows 10. The latest news reaching us from Microsoft, argue that Internet Explorer will finally be available in Windows 10. Microsoft has given a reasonable time to all users who could not live without him, have succeeded in adapting to Microsoft Edge, although it is more likely that they have opted for Chrome, as more than 300 million users that has lost Internet Explorer throughout the year that we have finished a few days ago.

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