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Invitations to group on WhatsApp work already partially


In the Telegram app, which does not have so many millions of users like WhatsApp but it is as a favorite for many, have the great option to create a link to direct invitation to a group, allowing us to share it with somebody so that it instantly in that newly created group.

This same feature was seen in a few lines of code inside the apk of WhatsApp last month, and is now already available from the beta version 2.16.101. The only thing that works in partial form, since at the moment invitations cannot be created so that any contact that you have accessible to that group through a link.

This feature gets to be very easy to invite anyone to a group and save many unnecessary steps when we get used to these direct links. This is one of the small details why the Telegram has been added around his ever more users.

In app WhatsApp allows us to save you the step of having to be looking at the agenda to all those contacts that you want to invite, since through the link may be invited any person without having to add them to our list of contacts or know your phone number. This will speed up things for those that have created or groups that want to promote through other applications.

This allows a QR code can be generated or embed in a NFC link tag to a group, and so we can share it with anyone or mismamente put it in a web so that from anyone. This feature should be available in less than what we think, either from a new update from the server-side.

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