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IOS 10.1.1 update would kill the iPhone battery

As Apple releases an update of its system operating mobile always is received with gratitude and expectations positive. But the story could be different for iOS 10.1.1, since apparently so soon is installed in any model of iPhone is translates in a quick death of the battery.

In accordance with various reports of users around the world, that are flooding them forums of support technical of Apple, after receive the update of iOS 10.1.1 began to note that the life of your battery is draining to a speed much greater that before, what has caused the discontent of all.

Even so, the most alarming factor has to do with a related phenomenon, since according to point out several users, when the iPhone comes to 30% of energy it shuts off automatically as if the battery had reached the end of its cycle, which has quite taken aback to those who applied the update.

There are even some affected who claim that after this shutdown your smarpthone has become a brick. Restart the iPhone nor works to recalibrate the percentage of battery consumed and who not see dead his device to the 30% equal enjoy of little time of power.

Apparently some good applications of the system, such as the calculator, are now draining all the power of the iPhone.

Apple not has said nothing about the matter but who gave the jump iOS 10.2 in its program beta also have the same problem.

Bad signal.

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