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iOS 10.3 will bring us a new system files faster and safer called APFS

A couple of days, the guys at Cupertino began the deployment of the first beta of iOS 10.3, the next major update of the operating system for mobile phones from Apple. In the last Conference for developers Apple spoke of APFS, Apple File System, a file system that improves performance, speed and security of the operating system. Since little or rather nothing have become to know topic. But with the arrival of the first beta of iOS 10.3, both for developers and users of the program of public betas, the deployment of this new file format has begun to be carried out.

This new file system is optimized for use in memories flash and SSD, and includes a more secure encryption, the option of clone files. and directories, change the size of the direct of a faster besides various improvements in the file system. At the moment this new format this available only from iOS 10.3, a change that takes place when installing this version. To avoid any loss of contents in the process, Apple reminds us of the importance of making a backup before the update, since it is a complicated process that might endanger the stored content.

When updating the file system to APFS, the device makes a copy of the data to format it with this new file system for later restore a backup. APFS in addition to being safer is much faster, by what we should notice improvements in the overall device performance, although still in beta phase, can the performance of these versions to leave a little to be desired. When you get the final version of iOS 10.3, if that we should note an increase in the speed of process for our device, whether iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

This new file system is planned which also reach the Mac with macOS, but we do not know when your implementation is expected as the process is much more complicated because the users have access to the root of the system, things that happens in iOS. I have several days with the first beta of iOS 10.3 on my iPad and at the moment I have not noticed any improvement, is to be expected that with the release of subsequent versions will improve.

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