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IOS apps filtered data privacy other than Android, reveals study

When you buy a smart phone, it is impossible to not use any app to exploit to the full the potential of the device. However, with some cases as Allo and Edward Snowden, it has become clear that this type of software downloading necessarily represent access to share metadata, perhaps not desired by the user.

Now, a study recent of the signs of security computer Zscaler has revealed in what grade them applications of iOS and Android allow the filtration of metadata on them users of the device where are installed, checking that the system operating mobile of Apple actually would allow a greater leak with the 0.5%, while in the case of Google arrives to the 0.3%.

(C) Zscaler(C) Zscaler

They are percentages that sound relatively low, but they acquired new dimensions to consider that on average per 45 million electronic transactions through an app, about 200 thousand movements of these have some error or neglect of safety, who share unintentionally up to its users financial and private data.

In what respect to the distribution of leakage, them devices iOS share mostly metadata with a 72%, while in Android the figure is less, but equal alarming, with a 58%.

Second follow the information on location of the user, with 39% in Android and iOS, both high 27%.

United States is the nation most affected by this kind of leak, where developers are the main culprits.

Extent that these figures are close to 0% will be feasible that Obama use another platform.

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