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IPhone 7 Jet Black takes road to be a collector’s piece


To treat of justify that them users current of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus renew your device and before them few news that Apple added to them new iPhone 7, it company with headquarters in Cupertino presented a new color called Jet Black or black bright, a color very similar to the black that can find in them pianos and that assumes the Elimination of the grey space of the catalogue of colors of the iPhone. But Jet Black is not only new color that Apple offers in this new iPhone, it’s also Matt Black, a color that is much like people but not so much as the Jet Black, a color that is reaching customers who reserved it by droppers at the time and which at the moment is not available in almost any Apple Store.

To highlight the uniqueness of this terminal, Apple only offers this color in 128 and 256 GB model, so users who want this model will have to spend 100 euro more, since it is not available in the 32 GB version. According to the analyst of KGI Min-Chi Kuo, Apple is having many problems in the production of this color since so only the 60% of the devices manufactured in this color are surpassing them controls of quality.

The process of anodized and polished this offering more problems that I would like the company. If we are looking for information about this color in particular, Apple tells us that during the daily use of this device, the outside of the same you can suffer various micro abrasions that leave a perennial mark on the device without the possibility of eliminating it in any way. On YouTube you can find a large number of videos where you can see as simply touching the device with a few coins, layer overlying starts to show the first scratch.

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