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iPhone spends months at the bottom of a lake and still works

Nothing worse than losing a phone, even more in a tragicomic way, and that a year and a half later recover it when you think that you’ll never see it in your life. It is the case of Michael Guntrum, a man from Pennsylvania who lost his iPhone 4 in a lake and 20 months later retrieves it even running.

Guntrum was fishing in March 2015, American winter, in a frozen lake. When a fish stung the hook, man moved and the iPhone was occupying slipped down his legs, then by the ice and fell to the pit where he was fishing. That would be the end of the story, but curiously did not.

The Kyle Lake, where happened, was drained in September of last year due to structural problems related to a dam. Engineer Daniel Kalgren decided to traverse the surface of what was left of the Lake with a metal detector to see if it was something interesting, and gave the iPhone 4 from Guntrum.


Only by mere curiosity, Kalgren decided to see if it is something could rescue the phone, so I cleaned it and placed it in rice for a few hours. Then I connected it to a Plug and surprise! the iPhone went on. Kalgren could contact Guntrum mail with data found on the mobile phone and send it back. At first Michael couldn’t believe it, but acknowledged his team along the bottom of the screen and its casing.

And speaking of this, before give you all the credit to Apple by make equipment that can support months low the water, the team had an important assistance to the have a housing OtterBox, which is considered as an of the best brands of accessories for iPhone.

The lucky man that will recover your phone said to Buzzfeed that as soon as receive the team of turned is it will donate to its mother, which really need a smartphone.


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