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Iran wants to control all active apps messaging in your country

Governments under a totalitarian regime have distinguished themselves in recent years for trying to submit any new mobile technology, and the internet to have a better control over its inhabitants. We see the example of what has happened in North Korea and now it seems that Iran wants to implement measures to find out exactly what talk apps users of Instant Messaging.

According to a report from the agency Reuters, the Supreme Council of the cyberspace in Iran (so called, seriously) I would have ordered an ultimatum against active mobile messaging apps within the nation, where they have a year from now to migrate your entire infrastructure for national users to servers hosted within the country, otherwise they will be blocked.

Active foreign courier companies in the country must transfer all your data and activities linked to Iranian citizens within the nation, to be able to ensure that they continue with their activities.

The measure has no greater justification that above described, translated directly from the Decree. This has triggered criticism and concern of the citizens of the State, since they interpret the measure as a strategy of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to have greater control and means of intervention against their opponents.

WhatsApp, Telegram and similar have not expressed its position on the matter.

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