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Is it possible to send flavors over the internet? Researchers are already working on it

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We are accustomed in our day to day to send email, messages… using different platform both email and instant messaging and even through social networking. What we did not know so far is that the next evolution of this type of platforms is not only allow us to send images, videos, or sound, but that we can also send flavors.

Apparently and according to they have said in a paper published on the subject, a group of researchers from the University of Singapore led by Nimesha Ranasinghe, apparently already have managed to devise the form and even presented a first prototype of its technology, where lemonade flavor have been able to send Internet.

Researchers of the University of Singapore manage to develop a methodology to send flavors online.

To achieve this have been based on the idea that sensory after all and ultimately stimuli do not cease to be anything other than electrical impulses that reach certain neurons in our brain. This has finally led to translate, call it somehow, certain flavors of bits of information that can be sent and transferred to electrical signals that can be understood by our brain.

Just below I leave you a video where you can see several tests. In these basically what I do is ask several subjects that they drink a jug fitted with electrodes and LED lighting full, just, water. Thanks to these electrodes can be sent via mobile information which would reproduce the taste and even the tonality of the lemonade. The result of this test is simply stunning since the the same tester commented that, while the real lemonade knew more sour, they were literally drinking lemonade.

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