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Is the first video call 5G with 3D Holograms of history

The mobile phone network 5G promises represent a new era of agility and power for users of smartphones in the world, and the latest international experiment on this technology has made it clear.

Turns out that employees of the Asian operator Korea Telecom (KT) they just completed, for the first time in history, a so-called holographic 3D, with colleagues in the U.S. telephone company Verizon, using as a means for the transmission of all its 5 G network.

Hwang Chang-gyu, Executive of Korea Telecom, in a statement replicated by IB Times, marks the significance of this achievement, where each employee could hold a chat with the version in hologram of its counterpart on the other side of the world:


If the 5G network is sold, it is a fact that video calling with 3D holograms will be available as one of the representative services based this network.
Through a video call with holograms users may know a person in a remote area in a real size in real time.

KT would have been the main driver of this project, under a vision of cooperation needed between the different operators of the world such as Verizon, since, as they argue, this type of use of the 5 G network will be possible only if all large companies in the industry work together.

It seems an idea straight out of Star Wars, but everything suggests that at its largest point of network functionality 5 G will be able to perform this type of interactions between its users, no matter where on the planet are.

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