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It could be the new HTC and Google Nexus

Nexus de HTC

Days ago that we are receiving information on the new Nexus that HTC would manufacture for Google. These new models would be manufactured by the HTC House, as initially it was and would have a new design as well as their materials. In addition many are speculating on the information, noting possible sizes, logos and position components, etc…

So the Android Police website has selected information that are possible and true to create a render of what would become the new Google Nexus. We say it in the singular because despite being two models, both would have the same design and would be differentiated by the size and functions of the devices.

The images may vary slightly while they will have a metal body

The design of this mobile is cleaner than the version created by Huawei or LG, a design that will feature new material, in this case it will be an aluminium body and only a small part of polycarbonate or plastic. The inclusion of this material could be due to the technologies that the model will use technologies that could range from the classic NFC to the new wireless charging and therefore need a material that drive signals and tape us (remember that Huawei had to add metal parts to provide good signal) or obstruct them.

And even if it is not, the device would have in addition to the buttons on-screen touch pads, something that would make the device had more or less useful screen, unfortunately we do not know that type of pendant will be, if it will be a button with led lights that allow you to change the color or simply a classic button with a white solid.

In any case this design is not the official design, nor a filtering render even a shell model, but no longer useful to give us an idea of what is to come in a future not too distant to the family Nexus, or at least something similar don’t believe?

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