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It filters the possible date of release of the Samsung Galaxy X

One of the most consistent rumors throughout 2016 was the imminent launch of a smartphone’s flexible and foldable display by the people of Samsung. This terminal, known so far as Galaxy X, would have a long time in development, under the codename of Project Valley, and apparently already would have even a tentative date for its launch.

Is is of something very risky, but in accordance with the report of @mmddj_china, a user of Twitter that has fungido as reporting of leaks, from makes very little time, the Galaxy X would be to the market at some point between the third and fourth quarter of this year 2017:

GALAXY X on 2017Q3-2017Q4

-萌萌的电教 (@mmddj_china) January 3, 2017

What puts into question everything is history short of the informant and the lack of details beyond the Declaration date. However, this publication coincides fully with reports prior, where equal is ensures to the 2017 as the year final for the presentation of this new smartphone.

The Galaxy X design, according to which hint at the patents would be revolutionary, and could be just what you need Samsung to leave behind the bitter episode with Galaxy Note 7.

He is not expected to speak on this model at CES 2017, but who knows.

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