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It is possible to control insects remotely thanks to modifications in its genetics


So far have been many projects that have attempted to create a series of remote-controlled insect. To solve this problem practically all teams were attempting to develop a series of miniature with insect-like robots able to behave as such. In this work, scientists and researchers have been over there since they promise that, by changes made in the own insect genetics, they have managed to remotely control.

As you read it, as it has been published, apparently is has been working in the realization of a series of genetic changes in the DNA of living beings so that these can be controlled remotely by scientists themselves. At the moment we have managed to change their behavior to certain external stimuli and is working on improving the response having own insects before a command sent from a remote control.

DragonFleye 1.0, a project where it seeks to control dragonflies through a control remote thanks to modifications genetic.

Among the insects chosen for these first tests, note that all are either bees or beetles but reported to have apparently the tests were not as satisfactory as expected. Because of this they decided to choose another type of insects and it has been in dragonflies where have found individuals who respond better to certain stimuli, to which we must add that they are very useful due to their speed and agility.

Undoubtedly we talk about more progress to date from science fiction to a real project though, thanks to the development of the DragonFleye 1.0, so it has been baptized this work, it seems that the human being is much closer to the control of other animals that have been never so far in bioengineering.

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