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It releases your smartphone Movistar from your website


Already some time ago that the smartphone that us operators sell come free of origin, this means that if you buy a terminal by operator you can use it with another company without a problem. But nowadays there are some options for those terminals that are not free and it is to use an unlock code that can be ordered by calling.

Now the company Movistar brings to the table another option available for those who want to unlock their devices of the operator, on the web. The code may ask us or not permanence to the operator and this is something that has to be clear, they are required by law to release the device whenever the customer requires it.

This time Movistar launches the possibility of making this release through your website, something that seems to lie not reached before considering that from 2013 became compulsory in Spain for operators release the mobile clients. The truth is that most of them are already unlocked the operators just out of the store, but if this is not your case you can ask for the unlock when you want.

Logically the rest of options we have available to carry out the release, this is one more and do not think it necessary to clarify that it is a completely free process on all operators. In the case of Movistar we access the area of release my mobile-Movistar customers and follow the steps indicated us that they basically go through select our line IMEI number and get the release code. Simple.

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