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It turns out that Nokia sold quite a few phones in 2016

Nine months after that became official the return of Nokia business smartphones and smart ditpositivos, is that the company would have had a 2016 outstanding, achieving sales numbers well above expectations, in one of its strongest divisions: the sale of basic mobile phones or Feature Phones.

According to he has revealed the most recent report of the firm Strategy Analytics, during 2016 were distributed a total of 396 million basic telephones in the world, that figure, mark which managed to ship more units was Samsung, with 53 million units, which represented 13% of the total market share.

But to the surprise of friends and strangers, the second place of the list turned out to be her newly revived Nokia, which moved approximately 35.5 million phones, which translates to 9% of the market of users of feature phones on the planet.

Globally there are now about 1.880 million mobiles, that figure 21% are basic phones, and the rest are smartphones. So it is still a strong industry, with a significant number of active users. This would explain its plans to bring back the legendary and beloved Nokia 3310.

At the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC) the guys at Nokia will present a new lineup of smartphones and basic phones, so there is the possibility that this good is only the beginning of his total resurrection.

Does Nokia have his triumphant return in 2017 MWC? Place your bets.

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