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It will be the design of the new Moto X (2017)

When less than two days to be able to dismiss the year, rumours related to the new terminals that will reach the market over the coming year are still circulating. Again OnLeaks has been who has posted a video render in which can see as will be the new Moto X (2017), a model that not will change much of the model current, except by small variations as that affect to them MotoMods, something that in a principle not has sense if Motorola want that this type of accessories is popularize among them users , although for the price which has some is highly unlikely.

As the most of manufacturers Motorola bet by keep virtually the same design, if something works not it touches much, as did Apple with the iPhone 7, a model very similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s in its different variants, and as Samsung with the S6 and S7. Being a render that not is it version final, can that before enter to production, some that another part of the design is see affected, as could be them pins that have commented of them bike Mods.

As we can see in the video and the attached image, this model will continue making use of micro-USB, leaving aside the C USB connection, a connection that probably changed for the final design before starting production. But in addition we can also see how Motorola guys think that the 3.5 mm jack connection still has great future, connection jack which could be eliminated directly if they finally adopt the connection USB-C, connection which allows to use this connection as an output port to listen to music through headphones.

With respect to the date of filing, at the moment we do not know if Motorola plans to present this new device during CES which is held the week coming in Las Vegas, or whether they will wait for the conclusion of the Mobile World Congress, which takes place every year in the Spanish city of Barcelona.

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