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It’s official: the charges ended up roaming in the European Union

Plan that came to cook a couple of years ago and which was recently rumored could be effective, today was fulfilled.

Fortunately for the residents of the countries of the European Union, charges will end by roaming in much of the continent.

Only in February after years of “tug-of-war” an agreement is reached between negotiating entities but it was missing that you were allowed, and from June 15th you can move freely without fear of excessive cell phone account fees.

Anyway it should be recorded that given the dimensions of the continent already offered plans quite convenient for the traveller.

Even so now tourists, for example, can acquire a card SIM in Spain and go to France without fear of staying incommunicado, all for a fee established by the Council:

  • 3.2 cents per minute for a voice call
  • 1 cent per SMS
  • 7.7 euros per 1 GB of navigation, which will decrease in January of each year until 2022 where will be 2.5 euro.

Details about what will happen with the United Kingdom, those who recall, through a referendum, they decided to become independent of the European Union and within a maximum period of two years and they should be out are not supplied.

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