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It’s official: Xiaomi Mi6 will be launched on April 19

Yesterday we did echo of the news which ran by the media as gunpowder which said that the new Xiaomi Mi6 would present during the day, here is what we have confirmed today that the presentation will not be today, if not that will be on April 19. This is the official confirmation so we have a date for this presentation to will be held in the city of Beijing. Rumors indicated that today would be the day chosen for the presentation because of a publication from the CEO of Xiaomi, but this has come to pass with the end date which will be on Wednesday, April 19.

If this is official since has just been confirm on MIUI forums so now there is no possible error. In any case it is already said some time ago that this new device would be submitted during the month of April, but now have accurate for this presentation the date and the place.

Seems to be that it will not be so different in terms of the design of the current Mi5 if we do case rumors, but if that be added numerous changes in the interior of the device which is expected to be able to compete with the high-end Android as they have always been the high-end of the Chinese firm. In any case we will be attentive to rumours that may come from now onwards and more taking into account that the presentation of this new Xiaomi is imminent.

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