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Japan gives a step more in terms of intelligence artificial

inteligencia artificial

Many have been companies that have been developing robots and systems of artificial intelligence intended for the automation of manufacturing processes was a segment of the market where he could find his comfort zone while the money earned. Once this segment has begun to exploit is and especially to offer results much more restraint, many are the companies that look towards another point offering robots and systems specialized in another type of works as the attention to the customer.

This is precisely the case of the company Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance, specialized in the offer and hiring of safe, that just of announce that, this same month, will begin to make use of the platform ‘IBM Watson Explorer‘. Thanks to this they may be replaced in his job about 34 administrative which so far were dedicated almost in exclusive to scan documentation of hospital records to establish fees and potential fraud.

Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance will replace 34 administrative by the IBM Watson Explorer platform.

If have a company and like do something similar to what proposed from Japan, comment you that this company of safe is will spend approximately one 1.7 million of dollars in the installation of all them systems hardware necessary as well as 128,000 dollars annual in maintenance. An investment quite high that, to your time, you will allow save some 1.1 million of dollars to the year thanks to the use of the platform of IBM. In this way and, if we do numbers quickly, can see how in just two years you can reach not only amortize the investment, but even get return to it.

According to responsible both of IBM as of the own company Japanese, not only is can get monetize the system in little time, but also is may increase the productivity in a 30%. As a final detail, let know you that such systems gradually are becoming more common, such is the case that while other three Japanese insurance companies value the implementation of this system, just like Lemonade, based in Israel, invest $ 60 million to replace the brokers and paperwork with robots.

More information: Quartz

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