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Japan looks to the electric rays to create new sources of clean energy

rayas eléctricas

Japan is one of the countries most is investing in new ways to get clean energy from different sources. This time has been the natural sciences RIKEN Research Institute which has just published a paper which speak of his latest work where, interestingly, have set targeted at the electric rays, a form of generating clean energy that could be simulated and replicated artificially.

This work on the electric rays response to search by scientists generate electrical energy by living organisms. The solution, or that is what they are trying to research and develop, would be the create a new electric generator with a near 100% efficiency which, in turn, would be based on the system used by the electric rays to generate electricity, not in vain his body is able to give electric shocks, depending on the species, ranging from 6 to 220 volts.

To generate these downloads, family of the electric rays, in general, has bodies able to convert the chemical energy provided by the triphosphate from adenosine, a nucleotide that is used for cellular energy, into electrical energy. What the scientists did was encourage these bodies through injections of acetylcholine, a substance which in turn acts accentuates the transmission of nerve impulses. The result was that the electric rays of the experiment offered DC power for more than one minute with voltages of 91 mV and current of 0.25 mA.

According to the managers of the project, trying to go a little further without harm to animals, increase the number of injections, managed the electric rays to enhance his power to 1.5 V and 0.64 mA. These essays represent a breakthrough in the search for new alternative power generators based on biological systems. Now the scientists are working on a new phase of the project where will attempt to reproduce the functionality of the electric rays bodies to try to create similar units artificially.

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