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JDI Announces plastic folding LCD display fully flexible


The war on screens remains open in the same way that processor, Samsung will be exclusively for some time with the Snapdragon 835, and other many products that rely on mobile devices that are launched onto the market.

Displays OLED are those that seem to take the first position in the coming years, not by its quality, but also because of its flexibility, which will allow a number of different devices of all forms. Not only are the OLED the flexible, but the LCD also.

We have seen this type of flexible displays over the years spent in various technology fairs, although it remains to see that device to make real use of them. The closest thing we’ve seen to that possibility are Samsung AMOLED curved screens.

Now, JDI has announced a new technology LCD that is flexible and resistant to cracking. Not is can buy this type of panel, but is in road to get to destination at some time of the future close.

Screen designed by JDI is 5.5 inches in size and has a resolution of 1080 p. Its specifications are not what distinguishes it, they are the other properties of this type of panel which makes it special. Full Active Flex uses a plastic substrate for both sides of the liquid crystal layer. In the absence of glass, screen is resistant to is click or cracking.

Although, if it is something like the Motorola Shatter Shield material, this will get scratch more easily than glass supposedly. JDI says that the screens are capable of an full 60 Hz refresh rate, but can reach a minimum of 15 HZ to save energy. He is expected to begin production of these diapers in 2017.

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