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Jide Remix Pro, a convertible interesting and cheap


It is the era of the convertible, in fact, Intel, which has been to reduce the application of mobile processors we do not say it says it and brutally desktop devices. Fashion now are convertibles, they are not tablets, or PCs, a hybrid between the two. We are finding ourselves in the market thin, and very interesting convertible, really functional alternatives that meet the requirements of most common users. That’s the Jide Remix Pro, a convertible tablet that will meet the basic needs of use, with an unusual processor for these purposes.

As the name suggests, the Jide Remix Pro, featuring Remix OS, a modified version of Android that is intended to act as desktop computer. The surprise here is that Jide has employed in this tablet a processor from Qualcomm, little given to these purposes, in this case the 652, which is not precisely one of the most powerful thing on the market, but which according to those who have used this Jide Remix Pro, gives the size and quite well. The Tablet has an aluminum frame that hides a 12 inch QHD resolution and of course an IPS panel screen.

To make matters worse, account with 3GB of RAM, running OS Remix, should be more than sufficient to keep the height at the daily activity. Account with two cameras, a 5 megapixel front and a back for 8 Mpx, whose quality is not too good, but enough. Connectivity WiFI MIMO art and of course, a card with 4G LTE connection port. As for ports, you fear not the USB-C, since the Jide Remix Pro has normal, USB and a USB-C, so have where choose. With a thickness of 7mm and a weight of 650 grams, is an alternative to take into account. Filed in CES 2016 and now the COMPUTEX and we will see it on the market soon.

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