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Jolla and Sony are working to carry the Xperia Sailfish OS

Many have of remember to Sailfish you, system operating of code open based in Linux and developed by Jolla, company that away from pretend depending upon of third for give to know its platform tried to venture in the development of devices, as it Jolla Tablet, failing in the attempt.

Of such way that their intentions of focus is in the production of equipment with Sailfish I changed to give you greater importance to the development of software. Recently, Jolla via Twitter announced a partnership with Sony.

#Jolla adds support for #SailfishOS on Sony Mobile’s Xperia devices!

-Jolla (@JollaHQ) February 27, 2017

Thanks to this joint work, Jolla may avail themselves of the Platform Open Devices in which Sony shares resources of AOSP for the knowledge of the developer community, a practice that speaks well of the manufacturer and which no doubt means an enjoyment for equipment Xperia owners.

If we remember well, Sailfish OS sought to be a friendly alternative with Android applications, at the same time able to be installed on devices with this operating system.

Now that is announced the collaboration between Sony and Jolla, developers and users with them knowledge necessary may try Sailfish you in their phones Xperia to have in their hands an experience completely different to which Android them has used.

Would you dare to change Android by Sailfish OS?

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