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Just the romance between Nokia and Carls Zeiss

When we put our dirty hands in the new Nokia equipment, Carl Zeiss caught our attention the omission of names in the lens of the teams. Today the brand brings bad news.

The iconic technology altogether by the German mark and Nokia, that so many remember for good optics of the N series and several Lumia, will not. This was confirmed by the company through his Twitter account:

@___Dhruv___ We’re no longer using Carl Zeiss technology.

-Nokia Mobile (@nokiamobile) March 5, 2017

We came to think that this Alliance would return in some high-end occur later in the year, but unfortunately will not be so.

Anyway, this does not mean that the cameras on their computers are bad. On the contrary, in our initial tests were quite well and other media that have been able to more closely match that sensors and the applied technology meets for the price that the teams are offered.

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