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Kaspersky OS, the operating system more secure in the world

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If you are a passionate of the world of it computing safe that in more than one occasion, well due to tasks of programming u another type of issues, has had very in has the security both of your product as of your equipment, more if fits after check it huge surge of attacks DDoS that have State point-to-point, literally, of sink Internet. To save all this type of issues makes some days saw the light Kaspersky I.

Kaspersky I not is another thing that a system operating in which the own Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of the company of security that carries his name, has state working nothing less that 14 years. Among their features more unique while interesting, highlight, for example, that speak literally of a system operating anti-hacking that is presents installed in a device hardware that, as announced, is completely inviolable.

According to says Eugene Kaspersky, is would need a computer quantum to break the signature digital of your system opeartivo.

According to the little that is known about this creation moment, apparently Kaspersky OS is an operating system created completely from scratch thinking at all times in the security. Because of this their creators did not want to be based not on Linux, as it is usually the case, or in any known operating system. Thanks to this hackers cannot use tools that currently have to do some kind of attack.

To all this we must add certain features such as the fact that uses a microkernel architecture, as well as make it much more secure allows users that they can assemble it by blocks choosing the functions provided depending on your needs, while in second place, the operating system must be implemented in hardware devices protected by a layer 3 switch created by the own Kaspersky.

This type of hardware has been developed thinking in protect networks simple and devices of the Internet of them things that, as safe will remember, were the responsible of certain attack DDoS mass that during several hours got turn off services as Twitter, Spotify or Netflix between others.

More information: Eugene Kaspersky Blog

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