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Katy Perry on Twitter account has been hacked


Despite the various measures of security that big technology companies implemented in its services, sooner or later a user or group of users are affected by a hacker or group of hackers that are made with the account of a famous character control. It is not the first time nor will be the last that a celebrity looks like stolen your account Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and obviously will not be the last.

The main problem is facing which celebrities CM it is always the password you used, which either has to do with something that everyone knows or bin engaged use 000000000 type passwords, password 123456789… come on passwords commonly used all over the world, more than anything because they are very easy to remember but they are also the first using the foreign owners.

The latest victim that has seen his Twitter account was committed has been Katy Perry with 89 million followers, is the account has more followers all over the world. As it is usual, it was not the artist or CM who realized the hack, but rather they were users themselves who they saw as the singer started to publish tweets absurd, with racist content…

Ryan Parker quickly announced that the singer’s account had been hacked and that they were trying to recover the account, something that happened shortly after. When a user has access to the account can do what you want with it, including change emails from contact, questions of security… so that the rightful owner could not go back to retrieve it, something that probably the hacker, there will be carried out that tells us the Twitter offices will have had much to do in the rapid recovery of the mind of the artist.

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