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Kerala has a turbine capable of supplying power uninterruptedly for 20 years


Unless you live in Spain, investing to achieve any kind of renewable energy where is nothing short of a crime, there are countries where this type of action are the order of the day and even involve some kind of subsidy for all those people who want to install solar panels or wind turbines on their homes. Thanks to this today I want to show you the latest project presented by the startup Kerala where a larger turbine, in terms of dimensions, as a fan of home shows us and which comes to the price of a high-end smartphonemarket.

Says the press release published by the own Kerala, this turbine low cost would be able to supply power to a House for 20 years. However, not everything is buy the turbine and make it work but you need, at a minimum, a fairly large garden for your installation. If we comply with the minimum requirements it is true that, as it promises the company, just install one of these devices, will be produce between 3 and 5 kilowatts per hour for 20 years.

While it may seem that it has more negative points than positive, the fact is that the turbine gets to the market with a price that is around 670 euros to change, one price more interesting if we consider that, in the international market, this type of turbine has a price that can haunt the 3,000 euros.

One of the first organizations that has decided to bet on this wind turbine is Avant Garde Innovations that have a drive installed in a church. Despite the fact that the same does not pollute while working, according to the Organization, the truth is that produces loud noise while it is running so maybe the advantages that can offer, in terms of energy efficiency, dissipate if you like and enjoy a quiet home.

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