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Kingston us shows its new Flash drive of 2 TB

Kingston is one of those companies that, after several presentations, seem to have caught them taste to that of breaking record. I say this after seeing the presentation just to carry out the leadership of the company in the CES 2017 where, neither short nor lazy, have presented what they themselves have not hesitated to categorize as the pendrive of greater capacity in the world, a model named as Kinsgton DataTraveler Ultimate GT which, among other things, promises up to 2 TB of capacity.

As detail before continue, tell you that this model so exclusive of pendrive also will be available in a version of 1 TB of capacity. Be which is your choice, both support an interface USB 3.1 generation 1 with connector USB-to. Without place to doubts, taking in antler towards where is beginning to look the market, this last detail is quite singular, before them possible critical, the company says that, at least of time, not there is enough market for pendrives USB-C.

Kinsgton DataTraveler Ultimate GT, the pendrive with largest capacity in the world.

As ensure from Kingston, one of the problems associated to a pendrive of similar capacity is its durability. To ensure that your pendrive star resists to possible hits, splashing of water and even to temperatures extreme, is bet by build the body, of 72 by 26.9, 21 mm with a material as the zinc. Thanks to this feature the company ensures be in disposal of power offer a warranty of 5 years.

If are interested in a pendrive of these features, comment you that Kingston, during the presentation of the same, said that would be released to the market during the first quarter of this same year 2017 to a price that, as often occur, is will announce more forward and, to his time, depends on of the market.

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