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Knowing a little better the origin of those holes black

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An of the entities that can find in the space and that to day of today more can worry to them scientific due to his mystery are the holes black. You must keep in mind that, while we have seen their existence, the truth is that they are very difficult to understand them because, literally, this means an exception in the reality that we know today. An of them issues lies in the need that have of understand precisely of where come, question that to day of today round in the head of them physical more specialized of the planet and that, after much time, still seems that not has a response clear, or at least accepted.

A solution to this question could be due to the discovery of the gravitational waves, a phenomenon that is nothing more than the manifestation of the gravitational nature of the universe. As detail, to understand a little better this phenomenon I will refer to an example that very simple. A large mass is able to warp the space in a way very similar to as a rock on a taut fabric would. When the mass is subjected to some kind of special event, create to its around a series of disturbances in the form of “waves“, very similar to if the stone has been dropped in a pond. This, though much more complex, would be gravitational waves.

He project EAGLE will simulate the evolution of 10,000 galaxies for know how and when are those holes black

To get to detect gravitational waves not only you need very precise and sophisticated instruments, but some kind of event capable of removing the very foundations of reality. Because, in the end, these waves have been discovered, now a new world opens before our eyes since we can look at and review what we already know or assumed with another approach, this himself, according to physicists, is allowing us to access a conoccimiento as it is the origin of black holes.

To get to this end is has made what today we know as project EAGLE where, them scientific and physical intended to simulate literally the universe. For this is has made a system where is will collect all the information that today day have on them events cosmic for, a time United and processed, is can simulate the evolution of the star. For the moment, the introduced information covers about 100 Megaparsecs, an extension capable of hosting some 10,000 galaxies the size of the milky way.

This simulation is capable of recreating a universe that begins without anything and evolves gradually according to our knowledge. This information allows us to see very specific events such as the creation of black holes. Unfortunately, as we have indicated, the evolution refers to what today we know that, in certain cases, may be somewhat unstable.

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