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Kodi wants to become a mediacenter like Apple TV

Carcasa de Kodi

Although not usually a gadget that many houses have it, the truth is than the mediacenters increasingly more are sold and along with the smart-tv and tablets are one of the most popular entertainment devices or at least so Youtube and Spotify statistics indicate it. And it seems that one of the oldest software of this sector wants to become a gadget to compete with other gadgets in the sector.

Thus, Kodi has presented his case for Raspberry Pi 3, a package customized with colors and official logos of Kodi but also adapted to the most famous plate, Raspberry Pi. Well, this housing together with Kodi 17 and Raspberry Pi 3 will be a hard competitor for the Pandora box 3, Roku and Apple TV gadgets. Besides Kodi plans to create a special version for Raspberry Pi which is included in Kodi 17 but already it can be proven through the nightlies versions and through special version that was created at the time for Raspberry Pi but is not fully optimized.

Kodi can be a great alternative to the Apple TV and also free

Kodi special housing will have a value of $19, an affordable price which joined the price of Raspberry IP and cable, we will have a mediacenter for less than 65 euros, a lower price than the Apple TV. But the good thing about this Media Center won’t be its price but its software. Kodi can visualize virtually everything, from Youtube to use PopCorn Time (to the outside of the law), a freedom that users like and which will enable to use this Media Center for what the user wants and not for whatever the company’s device as currently happens with Apple TV, Fire OS or my Box.

Personally I like the idea that Kodi present or may present a device that rival Fire OS or Apple TV, although it is also true that we can choose the least optimized option and a Raspberry Pi 3 create a mediacenter like why not?

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