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Lady Gaga is the latest victim of the China internet censorship


Several years ago, Google tried to settle in the country to try to reach the broad market which is a country with more than 1 billion people and which has become the first economy in the world, followed closely by the United States, but problems with censorship of the country forced the company to leave it as impossible and leave the country.

Although in recent years internet is within the reach of most Chinese citizens strict firewall that the Chinese Government has built avoids that the citizens of the country have access to content that may impair the proper functioning of the country. In fact neither Facebook nor Twitter can operate in the country, where the majority of citizens using the social network Weibo to communicate with their friends and acquaintances.

The latest victim of Chinese censorship has been the singer Lady Gaga, after the interview he has done to the Dalai Lama and that was relayed via Facebook Live, the new live broadcast from the social network service. This visit that has bothered much in China and quickly censure of the country just block all content that can be accessed on the internet and which is related to the singer.

Also the websites of China have been forced to stop any rise of content or distributing songs or any information related to the singer. In addition information agencies have received order of both criticizing the Dalai Lama as the singer for the meeting between.

Lady Gaga is not the first nor will it be the last person or singer censorship in China. Formerly Oasis, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Bob Dylan and Bjork already suffered censorship in the country due to the campaign for the independence of Tibet.

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