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Last updated app Pebble will allow devices to continue to function indefinitely

At the end of last year, in the month of December, was made public a rumor that did not stop spinning. The rumor was aimed at possible compra Pebble by Fitbit, a purchase that was confirmed by both companies, and that raised a large number of doubts among the Pebble device users. The company announced that it would continue offering support in the future, but not clarified that type of support would be. 3 months later we already know it. Pebble has just released an update to their app, for both iOS and Android, eliminating use making the implementation of their servers, which had to stop working at some point after the purchase of the Fitbit.

The main new feature that brings us this update is related to the servers who were responsible for providing service to Pebble devices, since the device can be operated without these are available. In addition options contact support, suggestions have been removed…

  • The application allows Pebble devices continue to function if the servers are not available. The entry process may be omitted, the applications can be installed manually along with the latest version of the firmware, including language packs.
  • Removed the button contact support, even so, we can continue to export diagnostic information.
  • The collection of health data and telemetry services are no longer available.
  • The suggestions are not available.
  • Synchronization of heart rate and other physical activities will be from now on with Google Fit in Android and iOS health app.
  • Fixed the problem that the first day of the week including a Crown, despite having made the corresponding physical activity.

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