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Last white rhino in the world seeks partner by Tinder

It may sound like a joke, but no, it is not. The last white rhino in the world, called Sudan, looking for couple today by Tinder to perpetuate their species to save this breed of animals from extinction, thanks to poaching.

The campaign, created by the application and Ol Pejeta Conservancy, seeks to raise close to $9 million to investigate the way to cross this species with one of the two remaining females, as well as to keep alive the only male of this lineage. It is worth noting that, sadly, are only three copies around the world.

Description of the animal in the application has that “I work well under pressure… measure six feet (1.83 meters) and weight 5,000 pounds (2,268 kilograms), if that you matter”, says Mashable.

What worries most is that this campaign is a race against time, because Sudan has about 42 years, equivalent to 100 years in age of rhinos. Not being able to cross this animal, it would have to resort to in vitro fertilization, however natural methods are always preferred by everyone. It is hoped that all will be well for Sudan and its species, since otherwise, would add another name to the long list of extinct species due to human intervention.


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